Unparalleled Refurbished Servers and Hardware Solutions


Rectitude Solution is the leading provider of refurbished servers and hardware solutions in Singapore. With a keen insight on the local market and years of customer trust, we have become the best choice for organizations that want comprehensive solutions for their data needs.

Unmatched Performance

We serve some of the largest organizations in Singapore and help them fulfill their data needs with reliable hardware. Our stock comes from sources such as surplus equipment, trade-ins, upgrades, and liquidation.
We are known for our expert refurbishment team. In this market niche, , the refurbishment and maintenance quality is of utmost importance. We purchase the best quality equipment and have our team do the required maintenance to make it perform admirably. Our certified technicians are familiar with the hardware used and required by companies and thus know how to make everything perform at the optimum level.

Keeping your Data Secure

We have earned the trust of our customers through our exceptional maintenance and services. Data is a very important asset for companies; thus it is vital that the servers and hardware are up to the task. Our warranties ensure that you do not have to worry about the dependability of our hardware. We have complete trust in our equipment and our team is available to answer any questions you might have.
Clients end up saving considerably on equipment due to the trustworthiness of our work. Once our clients notice the dependability of our solutions, they choose us over getting products from retailers. This results in staggering savings for the organization without having to sacrifice performance in any way. All of our stock is pre-tested and well-maintained to ensure that it is immediately available when organizations need it.

Keeping you Connected

Our futuristic optimization and network management combined with cost effective high quality services, results in organizations that stay connected. We provide comprehensive solutions which include designing networks, maintenance, integration, installation, testing, support, and much more.
Our services are available whenever needed. Having served many data sensitive clients, our team is experienced in quick solutions that work long term. Our customers do not have the time to panic ? once they contact us, our experienced and certified engineers, tested hardware, and dependable services are all put to the test to cater to the customers needs right then.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue on the path to excellence and to keep growing our list of satisfied clients. Our unparalleled service levels, and impeccable hardware combine to create the best refurbished hardware and server solutions in Singapore. We aim to continue this world class performance at every level.