Refurbished Servers to Power Your Cutting Edge Organization

Rectitude Solutions specializes in providing pre-tested, well maintained servers that power the networks of big and small organizations. We understand how vital servers are in a network and work with the required speed, technical expertise, and design requirements to provide the best possible refurbished server solutions. Our customers know that they can depend on our solutions, depending on us for to provide top tier services in a timely manner.

Servers that Deliver

Servers handle the most sensitive aspect of any organization; the data. If a server goes down, the damages are not only short term. Data loss can occur in poorly maintained servers and networks. Our experienced and certified team pre-tests every server in our stock to ensure it runs at the highest performance level. Our refurbished servers provide data storage and handling solutions to some of the leading companies of Singapore.

In order to provide the highest quality refurbished servers to our clients, our team works on every part of the process to make sure that only the highest quality servers are stocked. The process begins with the source; we only procure servers which have a documented record of maintenance. This means that our procurement happens from surplus stocks, liquidations, upgrades, and trade-ins. Once the servers are procured, our experts stress-test them to make them ready for the most demanding organizations.

Quality at Every Step

The process of refurbishment of servers is very technical and involves a lot of intricacies. Thus, Rectitude Solutions only employees highly skilled, experienced, and certified people. Our team has several decades worth of experience in servers; we know all the vendors and their models. Our teams know what to look out for and what fixes are required in what models.

This high level of quality allows our customers to have peace of mind when they come to us for a solution. Our customers know that the refurbished servers we provide will be pre-tested and well maintained. We have consistently delivered the highest quality to earn this trust. When organizations employ our solutions they know that the servers will work at the highest possible level from the start, and any maintenance, service, or support required will be delivered immediately.

Server Solutions for all Organizations

We pride ourselves on our ability to create specialized solutions according to the needs of our clients. Small organizations get dependable servers which will handle their data with ease. Larger organizations get complicated setups which will ensure that the whole data network performs at a high level. We deal in multiple vendors and will be able to supply you with servers according to your specifications.